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DMR Facility User:

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) is providing a web-enabled electronic environmental (eDMR) reporting system for wastewater facilities to streamline the management of discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) required under the Florida wastewater regulation program.

The eDMR provides wastewater facilities with an alternative way to submit DMR data, allow the FDEP to electronically validate the data, acknowledge receipt, and upload data to the Florida central wastewater database and to the EPA wastewater database.

It is critical that all eDMR users become familiar with the eDMR system's requirements and processes. To do this, it is highly recommended that all users, particularly those that are new to the system, go to the eDMR website http://edmr.dep.state.fl.us to review the Wastewater Facility Participation Package and the two PowerPoint presentations that can be found under the Tools & Information tab.

Please have only one session of eDMR open at once, and close your browser after logging out.

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